holy crow!

last week while feverishly chopping a red onion, a bit of juice flew up and landed on that little piece of horizontal skin between eye lash and eye ball. slowly leaking itself in to my tear ducts.
last weekend while reading a book in the sun on my front lawn with my dog and curious neighbors wondering if I was high, something flew up my nose.
5 minutes ago while excitedly sipping my crystal light fruit punch like a 5 year old, a droplet of it flew out as I pulled the glass away from my face and landed in my eye.

what the f.

besides all the crap flying in to my face as of late, things have been moving along steadily. American Idol is very, very slowly coming to an end. Biggest Loser is bringing me to tears on a weekly basis. Jack Bauer was exposed and is feeling the effects but madam President seems to now be on the right track. and Nick has finally figured out I have been going to the tanning salon.
game over.

in other news...
...April showers bring May flowers. not April THUNDERSTORMS.
...the Twlight series is as addicting as a big bag of kettle corn on a summer day when you have had nothing to eat and it's 6pm already and dental floss is readily available. and no, it doesn't matter how old you are.
...Tijuana time is not the same as Pacific time. that would explain the mall opening an hour 'late' on Sunday.