the other day I had the pleasure of photographing my good friend's baby, Liliana.
now, Liliana is part of a soccer family. her cousins play soccer and her mom is in to it because her dad is an avid fan... he coaches, plays, and has accumulated toys and outfits for Liliana that represent his favorite team.

so of course, soccer made it in to our shoot!

but "don't worry" her dad says to me afterward... "I'm not going to pressure Liliana in to doing anything she doesn't want to do". well dad... it looks like you don't have to pressure her at all. she is all over it!

I give you... Liliana... future futbol star!


Houston doesn't have a problem

revisiting customers is awesomely awesome. despite how short the meeting may be, it's like an entire catch-up conversation AND a photo shoot at the same time. like I said, awesomely awesome.

since their wedding last summer, and their family shoot in December, Rochelle and Kevin now have a son, Houston. they were so kind and patient on the day of our shoot... I was able to finish the morning training for my upcoming triathlon and then race on over to their place right after - thanks guys!!

of course, Houston has the Converse kicks... from his dad, as well as his mom's eyes. ; )

my sneak peek for you... Houston!

hail, lightening, and a wedding!

not too long ago I had the pleasure of attending my husband's cousin's wedding.
which just so happened to be in Copenhagen Denmark. and I have to say, those Danes have a very unique way of celebrating a marriage!

it was an intimate wedding of less than 60 people... in a cottage off a secluded highway somewhere near the water. Sweden was in the distance. lawns were long, open, green, and decorated with clusters of trees. it was humid and hot - making an ice cold beer a beverage of choice.

after a short, sweet, and chairless danish / jewish ceremony we were served cake and champagne. and then appetizers and alcohol. and then dinner. 4 courses of it. the food was amazing. the company was entertaining. the evening was hearty. we sat at the table for about 5 hours. between dinner courses there were toasts - lengthy and heartfelt ones requiring projectors, handouts, instruments... it was quite an experience. the night ended with a record rain storm for the area: 6 inches of rain in 2 hours... accompanied by thunder, lightening, and hail.
memorable... to say the least!

while I was not the photographer for the evening, I did snap some shots prior to the ceremony and throughout the evening.

Congratulations Jenn & Rasmus!!