making it good

there are very few things that make me stop moving. stop breathing. stop thinking.
.. earthquakes.
.. and hummingbirds.

I prefer the hummingbirds. since the chance of death is much lower.

the last (1, 2..) three times I have seen these flying instruments, it has been < dramatic pause > sort of surreal. I have the tendency to move A to Z in life with focus and large blindspots. so when I say I see hummingbirds... truthfully..?.. they see me.

they zip in to my line of sight and freeze where I stare. like they were just flying along, minding their own business when all of a sudden

to me - it almost feels like a sort of 'last breath' experience. this is it - make it good.

in other news...
...alka seltzer used to taste better. at least, I think it did.
...there was a crow convention in front of my house at 4pm. I never want to see that again.
...I think I have a new addiction.


EXP 01092010

all things expire.

the daily California earthquakes are reminding me of that. they are also reminding me that I should stock up on water, canned goods, batteries, and fashionable clothing. because, I want to at least slowly die in style.
but what would be worse than dying in an apocalyptic world wearing granny panties, a striped turtleneck, and that old pair of american eagle jeans that are slightly too short and no longer complimenting?
my Zen batteries running out of juice.
(for all you iPod's, a Zen is a mp3 player that is far superior)

death to tunes?! without my
Hot Chip, my Santogold, my Air, my XX, my Dirty Projectors, my Lykke Li, my Karen Oh...

I mean, that is simply too many roles of fame for me to take over for my own amusement. let us be realistic. I can only assume - at most - 3 musical personas at any point in time. even if that point in time is the END of time and microphones are no longer in existence.

< * if I sing in a Magic Mic device that has no battery juice remaining, will I still make noise? >

I digress.

the earth is shaking. and my instinct tells me to freeze and quit breathing every time it happens. I am pretty sure this is the wrong thing to do. but, I will stick to my instinct...
and hope there isn't a quake that is over 2 minutes long.

in other news...
...Dear Justin Beiber, you want to give your girl everything she needs? How about a protractor, 5 folders, a magnetic mirror for her locker, and a bookmark. (but it's ok, I still like you)
...stress zits are 0% fun and 100% stressful.. thus turning in to a never ending cycle
...new unrealistic 2010 goal? be in a
Lady Gaga music video