"Mae espera - voce corta seu proprio cabelo?"

there is nothing that can make a Monday feel like a weekend...

*except for (maybe) a gigantic pearl tea at 2pm. with that obnoxious-sized straw, it not only reminds me of napping on my front lawn in the sun with the perfect infrequent breeze that prevents me from sweating while wearing short shorts and a wife-beater...
but also of being a kid sitting on the front porch sipping a Big Gulp while my dad and I take a break from pulling weeds.
stickers protrude out of our socks and the double-laces of my purple high tops. pieces of a dandelion are stuck on dad's mustache. a weed-wacker runs in the distance somewhere. the phone rings inside and mom answers in english but proceeds in portuguese... must be grandma. our springer spaniel, Clover, after snatching some figs from the tree rushes over wagging her nub of a tail - oblivious to the inconvenience of heat; sweat; as well as the feel-good of lemonade and a cool breeze.

oh summer.

I never really thought I was one of those crazies that preferred it but - I realize now how much my brain misses it.

in other news...
...there is absolutely nothing wrong with using such words as Beautiful, Stunning, Amazing - no one can take them the wrong way. so, say them.
...summer dresses would be more fun to buy if the stores would remember to remove the security devices. jerks.
...riding in my 2nd Tour de Cure in just 4 weeks! want to make a donation?
...Dear Black & Decker, I curse you. Hugs, me.