David & Kristen... continued

my husband is packing movies for our Thanksgiving trip to Tennessee... Thao Nguyen is singing at my face at midnight... I don't have to go to work for another week... and another engagement session is officially complete - thank you card written and sealed.
it feels good to take deep breaths.
here are some snaps from David and Kristen's engagement shoot in Santa Cruz...


lil' Crissy

today was one of those brisk November Northern California days that you just don't want your baby outside for very long. which is why we made this session short and sweet with a touch of sassy.
sneak peek of the Ong family!

Amy & Bobby... continued

today I got to talk to my second mom (my best friend's mom) about the engagement photos I did for her daughter.. and she grew an honest smile and said she loved them. that is why I am addicted to photography. honest smiles. when I have handed over my finished products people are truthfully happy - and it shows.

here are some of my favorites from my shoot with Amy & Bobby.


thank goodness

sometimes life seems rough.
but then I read about a woman being attacked by a chimpanzee and losing her eyes, I hear how close my friend was to death in Afghanistan, I attend my friend's aunt's funeral, and I hear about another friend's coworker who got in a road cycling accident and is now in a coma.
and I realize I'm ok. and I need to be more thankful for my life, my loved ones, my liked ones, the air I breathe, the surroundings I see and the feelings I feel.
so I guess it's appropriate timing for Thanksgiving to roll around.
on that note, it has been a busy Thanksgiving month. two very important engagement sessions followed by a family and a wedding... both of which have yet to arrive. throw in some inquiries and friendly surprises and wow... I am very thankful.
in addition, I am almost done with a personal project of mine. one which no one took any guesses at in a blog I posted previously (thus, no free hugs were handed out). today is the one month 'due date' I gave myself to try and complete it by but I still have another hour or so to chuck in to it before it is done. still, I am happy with making a scarf in a month and a day.

in other news...
...goodbye queen, hello king. our bed is now an island. I'm pretty sure it made google maps.
...two weeks from now I will be in Tennessee. holy crow.
...what are YOU thankful for? yes, you.


David & Kristen

baby it's cold outside.
just the way I like it Mr. Martin.

the creeping cold, the brisk bed sheets, the shock of crisp air in my lungs... I heart it all. throw in some stunning weather at the beach and you get drool.
my fellow ping pong player, bejeweled opponent, sake bombing friend and coworker of mine for around 4 years now asked me to take his and his fiance's engagement photos months ago and I have been so excited since then! we finally found some time 2 weekends ago and had some amazing air, color, and sun combos at the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz
here is just a sneak peak...