this termite walked in to a bar...

31. thirty 1. dirty one.
that is how old I am. for the past year now (or 5) I cannot seem to remember this. must be my age.
and thank you, cashier at Aqui's, for not just checking my ID when I ordered a large Industrial Strength Margarita with no salt... but telling me "I thought you were 22. Good for you!".
now I am going to be even more confused.

assuming your employer isn't racist, how was your 3 day MLK weekend?

Saturday my trusty Marin road bike took me up Mt. Hamilton in San Jose... as expected, second time was better than the first (that's what she said?). a fearlessly energetic buddy of mine that I met through Team in Training - Josie - joined me for the trek. we are both signed up to do the Death Ride in July so this is the start of kicking ourselves in the asses.

since obtaining some new winter gear (sponsored by Aunt Rosie and Mom Maria), I was really excited to hit the road... and it was FABULOUS. the weather was extremely brisk and tights / windbreaker appropriate. patches of snow lazily melted on shady sides of the road and bits of ice added the treacherous.

this time, I remembered to walk through the Lick Observatory (barefoot at that) and grab a Coca-Cola while resting at the top. it was a good day.

Monday I was dehydrated... ahem *Industrial Strength Margarita... but forced myself to bike again - this time up Calaveras Rd. and Sierra Rd.

first impression? not cool. my legs and liver were certainly not prepared for it. nonetheless, I got up it alright... with some minor whining to my other cycling buddy (who did NOT ride Mt. Hamilton 2 days prior thank-you-very-much).

the homes were puffing out chimney smoke and were GORGEOUS... the landscape was green... the cows had threatening curvy horns... and cars (as well as bikers) were sparse. again, a good day.

in other news...
...thanks to this new Menstrual Calendar app I downloaded on my phone, I realize why I am so damn angry at this moment
...my life is now entirely different
...tell me a joke QUICK. humor is easy to breathe for