fighting karma

today, I am tired. tired of things, and just plain tired.
I participated in my first duathlon this past weekend and it was more difficult than I thought it would be. the feeling of finishing without stopping though, was a great one. I was pleased with myself despite the fact my friend, who hasn't run in weeks, beat me by several minutes. I have learned to not care about that. But I do care about one thing... and because this is my blog, I'm just going to say it.
Don't say you'll run with me, if you won't.

I might as well be on a roll here since, as stated previously, this is my blog.
something happened this past weekend that just makes me really, sad. it made me feel invisible when I didn't want to feel invisible. there are times when I prefer to be forgotten. when I don't want to be talked to. when I want to be left alone and when exerting a social persona is just not on my to-do list. but then there are times when being forgotten, especially by someone who should always remember you, is sad. and I don't mean sad as in .. pathetic. I mean sad as in, I suddently realized where I stood amongst things... and it was lower than I thought.
my head hangs low and my tail is between my legs. maybe this is karma.


muddy sticks and stones

so my last report was regarding my nutritional makeover...

and as I eat this wonderful orange sherbert truffle I think of all the fruits and vegetables and whole grains I've consumed this week. and it's ok. orange sherbert has SOME fruit in it anyway.

at this point though, I consider my nutritional makeover a success. I think I have done a good job in focusing more on zuchinis and tomatoes and bananas and apples than I had before (which was really, just a matter of exercising my innate ability to ignore them all together).

I have found though, that Spiderman and I have a lot in common. my new amazing vegetable and fruit eating ability has made me develop a dark side. an alter ego. a chocolate hourding maniac.
hey.. it's a work in progress.. give me time.

in other news, another race is done. I did the Muddy Buddy in San Jose with my husband last weekend. hard - as I suspected - but with delightful surprises mixed in... obstacles, funny costumes, giant rocks at the bottom of hills while riding the mountain bike, and scratchy pebbles at the bottom of the mud pit.

and after telling my husband over and over again that this race is supposed to be fun, he finally understood me, and it was.. well, fun. no urging me to hurry up, no 'why are you going so slow??' eyeball stare.. and without all that, things are so much more enjoyable.

my next race that I signed up for is coming up in just 3 days. (this is the last time I'm signing up for races that are in back to back weekends by the way)
it is a duathlon (do-a-thlawn) in Fremont and while I'm mentally and physically prepared for the road biking portion of it, I need to make sure running becomes a priority for me these last 2 days that I have to prepare for it. a 1.5 mile run, and a 2.5 mile run separated by an 11 mile bike ride sounds easy.. short and sweet. but my legs don't know what it feels like to run, bike, and then run again one right after the other.

let's hope that if anyone laughs at me during the duathlon, it's because of my rocket dog leisure shoes that I bike in instead of my speed. or lack thereof.