shhh... I'm walkin' here

a friend's, sister's friend is getting married tomorrow and I cannot wait to show up with camera equipment in hand(s) to document the special day! seeing my wedding photos for the first time was such an exciting experience...

my wedding day had flown by so quickly - and that makes me really cherish the photos that I have from it. I will keep that in mind as I document Lisa and Matt's wedding tomorrow and will share with you as soon as they are complete!

in other news...
...I gave myself bangs last night. and yes, they are straight this time.
...getting afghans my Nana made 30 years ago from my Papa in the mail is really.. nice. I love them! and I love her.
...please don't blow snot rockets in a gym. especially if you're sitting next to me in the spinning class, blowing them in my direction, and smelling like sweaty semin.
...I have a new love for loud shoes.


lots of lots

my nerves are as frayed at the ends as the hairs on my head.
summer has officially exploded. the next time I have available to breathe isn't until... Saturday August 22nd. if my lungs were larger this might be a little easier.
while I am really excited about all the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, the weather is very overwhelming with a slight chance of panic attack and sudden weight loss. good thing I have spent the past couple months beefing up my beef.

inhale, exhale. and repeat.

on top of that, my husband is turning 30 in October and we are going to Vegas baby! I am looking forward to winning another $5 on slots so I can buy myself half of a margarita.

until then, I will be spending my time mulling over past shoots and areas that need improvement... feel free to offer me your thoughts!

in other news...

...my house is a mess and is scheduled to remain that way until November 2009

..."cumulative" should not be abbreviated to "cum."

...if this photography thing doesn't work out, my next dream is to be in a rap video.


where do I begin...

wow is it hot. for anyone located within approximately a 30 mile radius of where I am at, you are hot. I guarantee it.
so did anyone watch Obama's pitch last night? I didn't. baseball just isn't on my radar. but I did hear all the hubbub about his casual wardrobe and banter amongst the players. and honestly, who DOESN'T wear a jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes to a ball game? even Mrs. Beckham dresses down for such an event.

TrueBlood watchers: things are getting interesting. for those of you who DVR things and may not necessarily be 100% caught up, I won't give anything away but my goodness how could they kill off Sookie so early? just kidding.
personal beef: I agree that the Twilight series is poorly written yet adolescently addicting but, for once, can someone please turn this sort of book in to an equally awful movie that at least has decent effects? their depiction of a wolf in New Moon looks worse than a taxidermied fox being tossed around in a forest.

in other news (which is all this post seems to be anyway)...
...Canon 40d is now in my grasp. watch out world.
...another bachelorette party? here's hoping there's an obscene cake involved.
...the only thing worst than a sunburnt scalp is a peeling scalp. gross.
...Discmen won an award! the ceremony will be in San Francisco Tuesday July 21st at Joey & Eddie's 6:30pm.


this watermark is makin' me hungry

finally finally finally.

update to-do list...
...cross off create watermark
...add relax


thousands of grains of salt

I tend to be inspired by a lot of things. hurt by more things. and intimidated by most things.
at times, crawling in to a unseen dark corner seems to be the best option... minutes later, I want to build something new and poetic and become universely famous. and on days where neither one of those options will do, 'why bother' and 'whatever' become my closest friends. chaos.
my poor husband never knows what the day is going to be like.

besides that too-much-information bit, things of the external nature have been a blizzard. the trip to Los Angeles was ho-hum but still required the attention a 'weekend trip' requires... packing, trips to the airport, and buying crap to prove we were there. I finally completed my event photos last week but ran out of time to deliver them due to a trip to Las Vegas over this past weekend... which was a little too indulgent considering all of my personal to-do items awaiting me elsewhere. by the time I return from these frequent whirlwinds, I am too exhausted to tie off all the loose ends I had so ambitiously created.
Kathleen... always running behind. figuratively and literally speaking.

the to-do list...
...crossing Bouchon off
...crossing a Cirque de Soleil off
...adding eat less
...adding run more
...adding get over things immediately

how to read in Los Angeles

cherries in Las Vegas

my personal ant farm