shhh... I'm walkin' here

a friend's, sister's friend is getting married tomorrow and I cannot wait to show up with camera equipment in hand(s) to document the special day! seeing my wedding photos for the first time was such an exciting experience...

my wedding day had flown by so quickly - and that makes me really cherish the photos that I have from it. I will keep that in mind as I document Lisa and Matt's wedding tomorrow and will share with you as soon as they are complete!

in other news...
...I gave myself bangs last night. and yes, they are straight this time.
...getting afghans my Nana made 30 years ago from my Papa in the mail is really.. nice. I love them! and I love her.
...please don't blow snot rockets in a gym. especially if you're sitting next to me in the spinning class, blowing them in my direction, and smelling like sweaty semin.
...I have a new love for loud shoes.

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