where do I begin...

wow is it hot. for anyone located within approximately a 30 mile radius of where I am at, you are hot. I guarantee it.
so did anyone watch Obama's pitch last night? I didn't. baseball just isn't on my radar. but I did hear all the hubbub about his casual wardrobe and banter amongst the players. and honestly, who DOESN'T wear a jacket, jeans, and tennis shoes to a ball game? even Mrs. Beckham dresses down for such an event.

TrueBlood watchers: things are getting interesting. for those of you who DVR things and may not necessarily be 100% caught up, I won't give anything away but my goodness how could they kill off Sookie so early? just kidding.
personal beef: I agree that the Twilight series is poorly written yet adolescently addicting but, for once, can someone please turn this sort of book in to an equally awful movie that at least has decent effects? their depiction of a wolf in New Moon looks worse than a taxidermied fox being tossed around in a forest.

in other news (which is all this post seems to be anyway)...
...Canon 40d is now in my grasp. watch out world.
...another bachelorette party? here's hoping there's an obscene cake involved.
...the only thing worst than a sunburnt scalp is a peeling scalp. gross.
...Discmen won an award! the ceremony will be in San Francisco Tuesday July 21st at Joey & Eddie's 6:30pm.
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