so I'm sitting down, minding my biznatch, and thinking of my friend that just got married last weekend - she looked so beautiful - and about this other wedding I will be attending next weekend, and a different wedding I am working at in 2 months, and yet another friend's wedding happening that same month when I realize - there are 5 different kinds of tissue in this airplane bathroom!!! FIVE!
that's just nutso.

tissue for the toilet,
tissue for my butt,
tissue for my hands,
tissue for my nose,
and - well - tissue for the ladies.
maybe I am in the wrong business. I mean, that still leaves lots of other body parts without the tissues they rightfully deserve.

I digress.

after all that tissue pondering, I now sit in a perfectly fitted chair and desk for my height, in a nautical themed unair-conditioned (but really should have installed that) hotel overlooking the Sydhavnen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
and now, after traveling all this way, I know what I would sound like with a mouthful of marbles: I'd be speaking Danish.

out of all the languages I passed through during my last European voyage, Danish was the most difficult - and that holds true for me still. maybe it's because locals think I'm local so they speak to me in Danish... while I stand there too dumbfounded to even feign a nod and a "yah". they don't seem to mind so much though. I simply respond with "uhhh - eng elsk?" to which they giggle (because frankly I'm just stupid), repeat in english, and then I compliment them on their watch. done.

since I'm currently lacking the brain power to string together beautiful sentences for your amusement, please settle for simple statements that sum up the Copenhagen experience thus far.

Queen Margrethe
boat shoes
blonde braids
beach soccer
camels with matching guns*

in other news...
...I don't care if you did nothing but stand there in the bathroom stall. WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER, you nasty
...Air Canada finally considers itself International at SFO. dummies.
...mexican food - not so good in Denmark. also? not so mexican.
...what was the first thing I did upon reaching my hotel on ~almost~ the opposite side of the world?

*just checking to see if you were paying attention.