dairy, wine, and rides

it's official. my stomach is lactose intolerant. damn.

I hosted a dinner this weekend featuring my beloved Honeycomb Rigatoni and a new crostini appetizer recipe (with a few adjustments I think it can become a personal fave). the combinations of goat, parmesan, ricotta cheeses, and creme fraiche made my stomach churn until 4am. as much as I love cheese and a wonderful vanilla bean ice cream, it is just not worth it.

in addition to the cheese decorated food, my friends hopped on by with a white wine sangria that was superbly delish. fresh squeezed limes, oranges, and strawberries mixed with wine and ginger ale = happiness.

in other news...
...Great America seems to be attracting the same white trash today that it did in 1996. some things never change.
...1.5 seconds is my high-pitch scream time limit. my panic requires I breathe and shut my yap immediately afterward.
...I do not like experiencing earthquakes from the 2nd floor of a 3rd floor building with exits that are very far away. pansy.


planner planning plans

nothing beats the excitement that plans bring.

last week I determined the name. this week? the logo is my task to tackle. call me a slow mover. I am going to do this right the first and only time.

in addition to those plans... I am hosting a dinner that is just around the corner. serving the lovely Honeycomb Rigatoni and an exciting new appetizer that I have yet to choose. we are talking Martha Stewart magazine dinner presentation! featuring sangrias, flower pots, two elated dogs jumping in the yard, spring candles, sunshine... all followed by a home cooked meal.
getcho pawpcorn ready! or dinner attire I guess.

and again, in addition to those plans... Napa awaits me. finally. trip after trip I have added more wineries and restaurants to my list to visit because I ran out of time and stomach space for them the first time around. well, here I come Hess and Silver Oak and Martini House and there's nothing you can do about it... except maybe relocate or close that day.

in other news...
...Iron Chef America anyone? I shook the hand of the man who beat Bobby Flay with the secret ingredient... CABBAGE!
...what do I hate more than spending money on lunch every day because I didn't pack my own? packing one and then forgetting it on the table at home where it will go bad by the time I get back.
...if Biggest Loser contestants can run a half marathon, surely I can. right?


what if what?

what a strange time this is. this last week has been a small roller coaster ride. I was not looking forward to working on the Live Band photos I took last week for fear I would be disappointed with them once I viewed the finer details. I loaded them prior to running off to my Expecting Parents shoot... risking being entirely unmotivated and melancholy afterward but, they turned out ok.
then other thoughts took over.
what am I doing?
I should cancel the shoot.
this is going to be awkward.
I think I am socially retarded.
what if I get lost and am late and they think I don't want to do it?
what if the lighting is too harsh?
what if my battery dies even though I made sure it was charged?
what if
what if
what if

what if I go and they are awesome people that seem to really like me and I really like them and the lighting is perfect and I am really happy with the results?

in other news...
...new diet alert: chocolate chocolate chocolate. it is not working yet.
...spending time with a loved one in front of the tv is not spending time with a loved one.
...despite the sun, jacket still required.


hip hip

when was the last time YOU got home past 2am on a work night?
despite my dehydrated brain and eye bags, I can proudly state 'yesterday'.
again, I forgot the essential ear plugs for a punk concert but, what's another couple hours of noise blasting to my drums eh? after some test shots of my Nick-muse in the dark corners we were able to adjust some settings to my liking and wham-bam I am happy.
photos posted shortly.

tomorrow brings on the bare belly... and I cannot wait! for weeks now I have been crossing my fingers for some sun on March 7th... please please please, just a moment of sun. after going through spells of hail and downpour and gusty winds I thought for sure the luck in the crossing of my fingers had departed forever but hold the phone like you just don't care - the sun is out with no rain in the air! HOO HAA
in other news...
...two cheers for successfully arriving at my San Francisco destination and achieving free celebrity street parking!
...hip hip
...if applied to my stomach, my back, and my forehead, will deodorant stop my profuse sweating during a workout? need to test this one.
...where have all my workout pants gone? I think they are hiding from my butt... as my socks are from my feet.


hail today, sun tomorrow

ice is my favorite.
in my efforts to cut down on the tooth-darkening coffee poison, I passed on the temptation this morning... only to grab some in the early afternoon. what can I say. it is like drinking at a party that's uncomfortable. you cannot stop sipping. I need something to sip.
is everyone aware of the upcoming daylight savings time? I do not even care that I will be losing an hour. in the long run, I am gaining sun. this leads to so many after work festivities that I am just so joyous about. my hill run at the nearby preserve. the mountain bike route my buddy keeps asking me to do with him. the dog park with my Romeo. a tan.
amazing. my skin is starting to look green.. nothing a little vitamin K can't solve.

I have renewed my love of http://www.mapmyrun.com/ thanks in part to the handy new GOALS they propose for healthy and fit-inspired individuals. want to quit smoking? drink less? bike more miles? track your progress here and get support from other members. not to mention, win a little 'trophy' picture. it will never make it to your mantle but it is a trophy nonetheless.
my goals? drink less. work out more. 4 days in to it and I have had 0 drinks, and 3 workouts. awesome.

in other news...
...home-made dog biscuits, while being superbly delicious to your furry friends, also make them itchy (or so I suspect)
...new-found inspiration: RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN
...in very small doses, San Francisco isn't all that bad. but it is still dirty. and the bottom of my shoes just don't deserve that.
...adding to my list of mixes that don't mix: beer, cider, sake, champagne.