dairy, wine, and rides

it's official. my stomach is lactose intolerant. damn.

I hosted a dinner this weekend featuring my beloved Honeycomb Rigatoni and a new crostini appetizer recipe (with a few adjustments I think it can become a personal fave). the combinations of goat, parmesan, ricotta cheeses, and creme fraiche made my stomach churn until 4am. as much as I love cheese and a wonderful vanilla bean ice cream, it is just not worth it.

in addition to the cheese decorated food, my friends hopped on by with a white wine sangria that was superbly delish. fresh squeezed limes, oranges, and strawberries mixed with wine and ginger ale = happiness.

in other news...
...Great America seems to be attracting the same white trash today that it did in 1996. some things never change.
...1.5 seconds is my high-pitch scream time limit. my panic requires I breathe and shut my yap immediately afterward.
...I do not like experiencing earthquakes from the 2nd floor of a 3rd floor building with exits that are very far away. pansy.
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