hail today, sun tomorrow

ice is my favorite.
in my efforts to cut down on the tooth-darkening coffee poison, I passed on the temptation this morning... only to grab some in the early afternoon. what can I say. it is like drinking at a party that's uncomfortable. you cannot stop sipping. I need something to sip.
is everyone aware of the upcoming daylight savings time? I do not even care that I will be losing an hour. in the long run, I am gaining sun. this leads to so many after work festivities that I am just so joyous about. my hill run at the nearby preserve. the mountain bike route my buddy keeps asking me to do with him. the dog park with my Romeo. a tan.
amazing. my skin is starting to look green.. nothing a little vitamin K can't solve.

I have renewed my love of http://www.mapmyrun.com/ thanks in part to the handy new GOALS they propose for healthy and fit-inspired individuals. want to quit smoking? drink less? bike more miles? track your progress here and get support from other members. not to mention, win a little 'trophy' picture. it will never make it to your mantle but it is a trophy nonetheless.
my goals? drink less. work out more. 4 days in to it and I have had 0 drinks, and 3 workouts. awesome.

in other news...
...home-made dog biscuits, while being superbly delicious to your furry friends, also make them itchy (or so I suspect)
...new-found inspiration: RUNRUNRUNRUNRUN
...in very small doses, San Francisco isn't all that bad. but it is still dirty. and the bottom of my shoes just don't deserve that.
...adding to my list of mixes that don't mix: beer, cider, sake, champagne.

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