that sweat doesn't belong to me

another 10k over and done. and I can actually say that the training was FUN. that's right. fun. I am going to miss it but, maybe my running buddy and I can continue the training despite the lack of an upcoming race.

until then, I look forward to continuing my singing while treadmill running at the gym.

tomorrow evening has taken a turn. rather than sweating it out with all the other peeps on machines while ignoring one another, San Francisco will be blessed with my presence. more information later.

in other news...
...happy birthday romeo! you are 2 now. that makes you a 24 year old bachelor. oh gawd.
...when one looks greenish pale in certain lighting, it is time to get a tan.
...for the last time, wipe your nasty sweat off of exercise machines before you leave them for me!
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