diet shmiet

what the ef.

diet day #2.
chocolate bar, white chocolate cake, a bag of baked chips. things all turned down by me between the two days of this healthy eating idea of mine. things I will be thinking about later while running, squatting, leg pressing, butt blasting, and ab crunching.
diets suck bungholio.

has anyone noticed the sun and sky recently? the fact that we can see them. the fact that, while working arduously, I can stare out the window and at the blue sky so long that those little blue pixels start popping up. there shouldn't be blue. but there is. and oh - there goes a plane. shouldn't be able to see that. where are the clouds and thunderstorms?
I guess I can't argue. I parked myself on an indoor bridge today.. leaning up against the window pretending to be picking a very important thing out of my nails just so I could feel the sun on my back. I didn't mind the weird glances. it was worth it.

in other news...

...thanks to a recent bbq and my sausage loving dog, he smells like basil pesto chicken sausage. clever creature found the juice dripping part of the bbq and let it drip on his coat like a fine perfume.
...uber sweaty people need uber big gym towels.
...who here thinks flashing is a good way to get revenge on your employer?

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