if you were at all wondering, the American Bison and the American Buffalo are essentially the same thing.

crossing that off my 'things I think I may know but am not sure of' list now.

my body visited yet another gym class last night. this class by far, uses the most amount of equipment out of all the others. a stepper, the steps, a mat, 2 sets of hand weights, and a bar with weights. just the fight for space and supplies is enough to make me change my mind and leave but, I never do. the women slam their shit around, cut in front of you, invade space, throw dirty looks... it is a small gym riot really. like a scene out of a western where someone (me) eventually shoots their gun off in to the ceiling to stop the chaos and yells something like "what the ef! get in line! this shit is bananas."

speaking of bananas, I will need one tomorrow morning prior to my non-race. non-race means I was too cheap to pay to run in it (frankly, I should be getting paid to run) and I will be starting an hour early.

no more race jitters. no more elbowing. no more listening to other people's silly conversations.

here I go!

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