the weekends

some good news waking from the weekend...
3 of my photos will be used in the upcoming Setoff Constructive Instability CD! I am really excited and I think the guys made some excellent choices. thank you for making my week!

some good news heading in to future weekends...
there is a possibility I may have my first pregnant shoot coming up. this is going to be a tricky one as some of my most favorite pregnant pictures are riskay and that will not fly until I have had some practice. but the special part of this is it is the couple's first baby... so I know they will be extra giddy and happy with the newness of it all.
time for me to study up!

in other news...
...Pink Berry is as good as the hype proclaims.
...one should not have to wait an hour for a table at a restaurant that has picnic print tablecloths (ahem, Maggiano's)
...Valentine's Day. whether you got a date or not, it is a load of crappy crap-poop.
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