pretty sure I asked for Teddy Ruxpin.

December 1986

I own a cat that I named Cupcake... after my favorite snack; my bed is a roof over very thin monsters; the living room couches that save me from the alligators are brown and white plaid; I spend every Christmas Eve night in my grandparents' motor home parked outside my house, scanning the sky for a sleigh; my dad, has a very. profound. mustache.

like I said, it is 1986. and I am one two three four FIVE years old.

while cleaning out my closet recently, I stumbled upon some magical hand-written pieces my parents saved. I have transcribed them below and MUCH TO MY DISMAY, made zero corrections to spelling and grammar (*cringe).

(in my mom's handwriting):

Dear Santa
In this trailer.
I am in the trailer and I am in the trailer. Do Look inside of my room, and look in my sock drawer and you would find a red and white package or look in mommy's room for a red and white pkg and on the trailer you would find a note and it would the same thing I talked about and Santa how many children have been nice.
Merry Christmas Santa and Mrs. Santa.
and Merry Christmas to Rudolph.
(in my handwriting): Love KATHY

(interesting - this is also in my mom's handwriting):

Dear Kathy, 12-24-86
My you have been a good girl this year!
I was very happy to see you at the Shopping Center the other day. I am sorry I missed you at the Christmas show on Sunday but I heard you danced very good; keep up on your tap lessons and one day you will be one of the best dancers like your teacher.
I looked inside your red and white purse and although I didn't get you everything that was there, I think you will have fun with the gifts we left. Most of all the children this year have been nice but there a few that still don't mind their parents as they should or that aren't nice to their friends.
Kathy, continue to listen good to your elders. You'll not have any problems or few only later in life if you start now.
You're a good girl and I love you. Take care until next Christmas.
PS. Your Nana and Papa have a beautiful motor home.
Love,Santa and Mrs. Claus and Rudolph

in other news...
...Dear Santa, Look in my purse. You will find there is no plane ticket to Maui in there. Please put one here so that I can visit my boyfriend. and Merry Christmas to Donder. (screw Rudolph, he always steals the spotlight)
...surely this is not me at 5 but, you get the idea.