that reminds me - I need more band-aids.

there is nothing like 15 days of straight rain to remind me of the indoor boredom I experienced as a sunburned kid wearing scabby knees and dirty shoes. swings would squeak with exhaustion and no pocket would return home unsandy from the park. I never ended a game of tag as being 'it'... nor did I leave not bleeding. soccer, tennis, basketballs were never caught flat as they were all kicked, thrown, and bounced more than they wished to be.

being outside, on the ground, in the dirt, kicking things, feeling the sun, squinting, rolling up sleeves...

but these days? being outside results in hail bruises, a wind-stricken face, and a feeling similar to running through a waterfall.

I guess it is allowing me more than plenty of time to drink in my cave while watching Jackass 3D, Winter's Bone, The Bourne Supremacy (for the 8th time - and still awesome), A Cinderella Story (yes, awful), The Box (even worse), MacGruber (couldn't finish it), the madness of March, and Top Gear (no complaints there).
if only the tv pushed out enough rays to give me a tan, this wouldn't be so bad.

oh sun and youth. how I miss thee.

in other news...
...happy Holi to my Indian pals. if I was okay with strangers smothering their color-filled hands all over my face, I would be celebrating with you!
...my friend's laptop recently hit him in the face and scratched his glasses. the revolt has begun - you have been warned.
...got a "Kathleeeeen.. ? Youuur coffee is ALMOST ready" warning announcement while at Peet's the other day. good way to get me to take two steps forward... turn red... and then take two steps back. douchebags.
...Words with Friends phone app has very quickly turned to Words with Enemies.
...skydiving before reaching age 30 won't happen thanks to the weather. but I was lucky enough to witness other crazies doing it while I was racing cars recently.