yoghurt mit fruchten. danka.

bicycles, designer jeans, and Thai food.
that is the answer to: What 3 things will Kathleen remember forever about Zurich Switzerland?
after sitting through a flight in which my neighbor pooped her pants and my neighbor's neighbor barfed 4 times while landing, I find myself in Zurich - where Seattle meets San Francisco meets Manhattan.
*neighbors were 6 months and 3 years old but seriously, I don't care - that was really disgusting and should have been avoided.

Zurich has the cleanliness of Seattle, the city and art of San Francisco, and the fashion of Manhattan. combine all that with stunning German-speaking people and a few snowy mountains in the background and BAM - I give you Zurich.

if you have a shopping addiction, don't come here. I visited
2 H+M's and a store that had more designer jeans and the most-excellent white button shirts I have ever seen before I forbid myself to walk in to any more clothing shops. some other interesting tidbits? how about the fact that Zurich has no stop signs; the St. Peter's church which holds the oldest clock tower in all of Europe; and the Lindt chocolate factory which offered me a smell that made me think I was in an oven with a dozen cookies - minus the burning sensation.

tomorrow morning we leave Zurich and drive our rented Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback (they were out of BMWs) to Austria. and after 12 hours of walking today... I couldn't be happier to sit my butt down in a car for an extended period of time tomorrow.

in other news...
...horizontal stripes are "in". I get it - thank you pirate / sailor society of Swizterland.
...saw a single rainbow today while cruising to the Lindt factory through Lake Zurich - it was so bright and vivid.
...the Indian buffet I had dinner at - while being pretty good - thinks naan is a giant baked tortilla chip. nein. definitely NEIN
....shiza. time for bed.


to toes!

feet are funny little things. we walk, stand, run, use them all day. they reveal nerves, move to music, march around, get dressed up, take us places, and - my personal favorite - have toes that wiggle me to sleep. yet despite all the rough things they go through, the meeting of that one little toe and the corner of the bed post? tragic.
how can these things trek so hard but hurt so much?
well, if I could just make a toast... to toes! and the the feet that grew them. may they carry me swiftly across bridges, softly through waters, and soundly in my sleep.


it's... aLIVE

sometimes I am just too tired to make sense.
thus, I deny myself permission to blog and instead grant myself permission to fall in love with my personalized soundtracks.
therefore I present to you, jumbled lyrics from my latest 19 track musical frankenstein.

*high tens to anyone that can ‘name that song’… for at least 3.


I know that we are young
and I know that you may love me
but I wish I lived in the golden age
giving it up on the broadway stage
flying away from reality
whatever happened to gravity
You don't want to hurt me
but see how deep the bullet lies
You left me in the dark
in the shadow of your heart
I want a man by my side
not a boy who runs and hides
i cant tell you what it really is i can only tell you what it feels like
I feel like I can’t miss
I know you want me to fall
Jumping out the window
Letting everything go
I bring it to the light, Its only right
She say she want whatever she like
She say she gonna bring her friend
You smashed a plate over my head
then I set fire to our bed
where are you my friend so true
how come my love gone make you blue
my heart thump not from being nervous
sometimes i think i was made on purpose
dry my eyes so you wont know
dry my eyes so i wont show
shock me like an electric eel
you'll feel the need. there is no way to return.
turn me on with your electric feel
My life is one big rhyme, I try to scheme through it
so tell me when my sigh's over
you're the reason why i'm closed


to auto-focus!

to have a challenge is to have a purpose.

sometimes 'according to plan' evolves in to 'flying by the seat of your pants'. and honestly - I mean - who doesn't like flying? if I recall correctly (which I always do), I used to spend lots of money every summer to let disgruntled gum-smacking vest-wearing teenagers strap me down in metal containers and press a button that would then shoot me through spirals and loopty-loops - the most exhilarating moments being those fractions of seconds where my body felt negative weight... my well-practiced shoulder straps and buckles being the only things touching me and keeping me alive.
over-used plastic and metal: don't fail me now.

and then - when the moving and the rush is over - and the body realizes it is still functioning, it takes me to the end of the line again. a lemming lining up for another feeling.
oh you endless thrills of summers passed. if only you weren't accompanied by all the shirtless, nipple-pierced, over-tattooed, and overweight men that waited in line around me.

in other news...
...Lady Gaga concert days away. time to get crafty - with an outfit.
...Europe trip weeks away. time to get crafty - with a wardrobe.
...best friend's wedding days past. yay for Amy and Bobby! boo for the only picture of me delivering my toast.