to auto-focus!

to have a challenge is to have a purpose.

sometimes 'according to plan' evolves in to 'flying by the seat of your pants'. and honestly - I mean - who doesn't like flying? if I recall correctly (which I always do), I used to spend lots of money every summer to let disgruntled gum-smacking vest-wearing teenagers strap me down in metal containers and press a button that would then shoot me through spirals and loopty-loops - the most exhilarating moments being those fractions of seconds where my body felt negative weight... my well-practiced shoulder straps and buckles being the only things touching me and keeping me alive.
over-used plastic and metal: don't fail me now.

and then - when the moving and the rush is over - and the body realizes it is still functioning, it takes me to the end of the line again. a lemming lining up for another feeling.
oh you endless thrills of summers passed. if only you weren't accompanied by all the shirtless, nipple-pierced, over-tattooed, and overweight men that waited in line around me.

in other news...
...Lady Gaga concert days away. time to get crafty - with an outfit.
...Europe trip weeks away. time to get crafty - with a wardrobe.
...best friend's wedding days past. yay for Amy and Bobby! boo for the only picture of me delivering my toast.

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