you make the bed you lie in

"this is the 2nd worst Christmas ever" - my dad on Christmas Eve.

my mom and I did not know what he meant but this was an important holiday and I didn't listen to negativity. life is only as good as you make it. if you think this is the 2nd worst Christmas ever, then that is what it will be.

for me? it was one of the best. but it was not without effort... I

- cooked a turkey-loaf with my boyfriend before he flew home (which left me with crap-tons of leftover loaf. WIN!)
- attended my work holiday party (and maybe drank a lot)
- watched Flight, Frances Ha, Identity Thief, Ice Age: Continental Drift, and Safety Not Guaranteed (not all on the same night)
- had dinner in San Francisco with some girlfriends (can you say, "sangrias"?)
- watched little Evo open my gift (and he started saying my name!)
- attended my knitting club's holiday party (hugs all around)
- drove myself through amazing Christmas lights (straight-up traffic jam in there)
- ate brunch with my cousin and his wife from Maine (after 10am, immediately started drinking mimosas)
- baked cookies with my cousins (burnt myself since I was drinking mimosas)
- spent hours at the park with my Romeo (pretty sure he loves me more after that)
- spent 2 nights at my aunts house with her family (excellent food over there)
- watched We're the Millers with my aunt ("it's like throwing a hot dog down a hallway")
- watched little Brooke open my gifts (although I think she enjoys cleaning up after herself more than she does unwrapping)
- watched LOTS OF DOCTOR WHO (probably too much)
- enjoyed Christmas Day with 30+ members of my family (not to mention, 3 vodka martinis)

in other news...
...today is the 1 year anniversary of one of the worst days of my life. and I have lots of great things on the menu!
...2014 in just 3 days! so many bike races, so little time...
...1:30pm is as good a time as 8am to take a shower I suppose.