Amy & Bobby

at the end of yet another too-short weekend, I had the pleasure of taking engagement photos for my besty... I won't be taking her wedding photos because I will be the matron of honor! so instead I took the pre-wedding snaps.

it was a casual and fun shoot and I cannot WAIT until their wedding day. I'm already nervous about my speech but it's the happiest nervousness I've ever felt.

Amy & Bobby - congratulations! here is a sneak peek...


muggy with a chance of celebrity

there is such a thing as too much beer. my head keeps reminding me of that this morning.

the Thao Nguyen concert my husband and I attended last night was really special. The Crepe Place is a very intimate venue... pretty much to the point of NOT being a venue. the restaurant was still open for diners throughout the band-play so people were squeezing through the crowd and getting a free snip-it of ear happiness while doing so. the place was muggy hot. I couldn't see Thao from where I was until she would whip her head around and pieces of hair would fly around a foot above her and in to my line of sight. but she sounded most excellent, and there was no line for the bathroom. those two things alone made for a very well-spent $10.
the running in to her outside while she's recovering from the show in private was an added bonus.

in other news...
...every day is a good day for a waffle.
...hiccups at 2:30am are a major inconvenience.
...next concert? Heartless Bastards and Wolfmother at the Fox Theatre.


everything is right

sipping a caramel soy latte in a very shhh coffee shop watching passers-by create shadows that warp the reflections off of the floor...
it's going to be a good day.
I'm pretty sure I'm having a more pleasant experience right now than my husband is next door.. at the spa.. getting a deep tissue massage. that - to me - just doesn't sound right. my deep tissues are deep for a reason - to be protected from sharp corners (like table edges that send my elbows in to 'funny bone' mode) and people who want me to pay them for a rub.
how is YOUR Saturday going? what are YOUR plans for the day? are YOU sipping an uber yum coffee as well?
after this stellar relaxation experience I am off to Santa Cruz to scout out hidden love spots. off-the-path photo oasis'. romantic corners not normally seen. it's time to broaden my location shot list to be able to provide customers like you with even more beautiful places to stand, sit, smile, run, and laugh as I smack your amazing mug on my camera's memory database over and over again. it's time.
then we will be heading over to The Crepe Place for an intimate instrument occasion with Thao Nguyen. $15 at the door. begins at 9pm. can't wait.
so as Michael Stipe tells me now that sometimes, everything is wrong...
I say sometimes, everything is right.
in other news...
...the only thing I miss about high school? seeing my friends every day.
...The Coffee Grounds in downtown Saratoga.. come visit. the foam is amazing.


cheeky family of 3 please!

do you ever have one of those days where, you just have so many different directions to go that you end up not going anywhere?
it started off that way for me. until the indecisiveness got annoying and I had to get started somewhere. too much work, too many hobbies, too many goals. when happiness depends on an overwhelming list accomplishments, it's time to open a bottle of Gulden Draak and procrastinate.

tonight, after putting my dues in at two different gyms, I met with some new friends of mine. I decided to add a hobby to my ever-growing list.. it's something involving a hook, a skein, and patience. free hug to whoever gets it right.

while everyone's mulling over that puzzle, please enjoy the following snaps. I met with some coworkers and their cheeky daughter a couple of weeks ago... and wow. what a fun play date. I mean really, I think I gave myself 10 new face wrinkles with all the faces I was making at this little ham - I just love her!
more snaps coming soon...

in other news...
...shots of jaegermeister aren't as easy to take as they were 4 years ago.
...an 800 number called me on my work line this morning and after I answered, she asked me if she could speak with my mom or dad. CLICK!
...who out there went to their 10 year high school reunion? ok now, who out there went to the alumni BBQ and football game the night before the reunion that cost $65 less?


Paul & Gina

I was finally able to get through a batch of photos and cross them off my list! bad news? I still have another set to finish... one thing at a time though!

Paul & Gina
engagement session... accompanied by Lil' Kenny!


turning 30 is not for me... yet.

hello you.
it has been a while.
the last two weeks have been spent working my tail off at my day job and preparing for my husband's 30th birthday bash.. which is now in the past. the 20's are over for him. I still have 1.5 years left though.
we spent last weekend in Las Vegas with a handful of special friends... gambling, spa'ing, cirque de soleil'ing, and drinking. and the recovery from it all has been rough - but worth it.
in the midst of treating my mind and body like mud recently, I have a good number of photos begging for my attention on my hard drive at home. knowing they are waiting for me makes finding gym time difficult but sweating is the only thing that makes me truely proud of myself these days. therefore photo work will be saved for the PM.
in other news...
...what smells of cinnamon and dust? Michael's.
...what smells of smoke and money? Casinos.
...what smells? My shoes.