turning 30 is not for me... yet.

hello you.
it has been a while.
the last two weeks have been spent working my tail off at my day job and preparing for my husband's 30th birthday bash.. which is now in the past. the 20's are over for him. I still have 1.5 years left though.
we spent last weekend in Las Vegas with a handful of special friends... gambling, spa'ing, cirque de soleil'ing, and drinking. and the recovery from it all has been rough - but worth it.
in the midst of treating my mind and body like mud recently, I have a good number of photos begging for my attention on my hard drive at home. knowing they are waiting for me makes finding gym time difficult but sweating is the only thing that makes me truely proud of myself these days. therefore photo work will be saved for the PM.
in other news...
...what smells of cinnamon and dust? Michael's.
...what smells of smoke and money? Casinos.
...what smells? My shoes.
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