everything is right

sipping a caramel soy latte in a very shhh coffee shop watching passers-by create shadows that warp the reflections off of the floor...
it's going to be a good day.
I'm pretty sure I'm having a more pleasant experience right now than my husband is next door.. at the spa.. getting a deep tissue massage. that - to me - just doesn't sound right. my deep tissues are deep for a reason - to be protected from sharp corners (like table edges that send my elbows in to 'funny bone' mode) and people who want me to pay them for a rub.
how is YOUR Saturday going? what are YOUR plans for the day? are YOU sipping an uber yum coffee as well?
after this stellar relaxation experience I am off to Santa Cruz to scout out hidden love spots. off-the-path photo oasis'. romantic corners not normally seen. it's time to broaden my location shot list to be able to provide customers like you with even more beautiful places to stand, sit, smile, run, and laugh as I smack your amazing mug on my camera's memory database over and over again. it's time.
then we will be heading over to The Crepe Place for an intimate instrument occasion with Thao Nguyen. $15 at the door. begins at 9pm. can't wait.
so as Michael Stipe tells me now that sometimes, everything is wrong...
I say sometimes, everything is right.
in other news...
...the only thing I miss about high school? seeing my friends every day.
...The Coffee Grounds in downtown Saratoga.. come visit. the foam is amazing.
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