muggy with a chance of celebrity

there is such a thing as too much beer. my head keeps reminding me of that this morning.

the Thao Nguyen concert my husband and I attended last night was really special. The Crepe Place is a very intimate venue... pretty much to the point of NOT being a venue. the restaurant was still open for diners throughout the band-play so people were squeezing through the crowd and getting a free snip-it of ear happiness while doing so. the place was muggy hot. I couldn't see Thao from where I was until she would whip her head around and pieces of hair would fly around a foot above her and in to my line of sight. but she sounded most excellent, and there was no line for the bathroom. those two things alone made for a very well-spent $10.
the running in to her outside while she's recovering from the show in private was an added bonus.

in other news...
...every day is a good day for a waffle.
...hiccups at 2:30am are a major inconvenience.
...next concert? Heartless Bastards and Wolfmother at the Fox Theatre.

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