cheeky family of 3 please!

do you ever have one of those days where, you just have so many different directions to go that you end up not going anywhere?
it started off that way for me. until the indecisiveness got annoying and I had to get started somewhere. too much work, too many hobbies, too many goals. when happiness depends on an overwhelming list accomplishments, it's time to open a bottle of Gulden Draak and procrastinate.

tonight, after putting my dues in at two different gyms, I met with some new friends of mine. I decided to add a hobby to my ever-growing list.. it's something involving a hook, a skein, and patience. free hug to whoever gets it right.

while everyone's mulling over that puzzle, please enjoy the following snaps. I met with some coworkers and their cheeky daughter a couple of weeks ago... and wow. what a fun play date. I mean really, I think I gave myself 10 new face wrinkles with all the faces I was making at this little ham - I just love her!
more snaps coming soon...

in other news...
...shots of jaegermeister aren't as easy to take as they were 4 years ago.
...an 800 number called me on my work line this morning and after I answered, she asked me if she could speak with my mom or dad. CLICK!
...who out there went to their 10 year high school reunion? ok now, who out there went to the alumni BBQ and football game the night before the reunion that cost $65 less?

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