Ray & Trinity

my eyes are burning today. if I swam with my eyes open in a pool full of Visine, would that fix the problem? if so, I imagine it would create others. I'll stick to the eye dropper for now.

this past Friday I paid San Francisco a visit with camera in tow. Ray and Trinity were getting married in City Hall followed by a reception at the B of A building (52nd floor!). while waiting for the ceremony at City Hall to begin, I had some free time to loiter in front of the Mayor's office but alas, no Gavin sighting. maybe next time.

I had so much fun taking their photos - they are just two 'goofpeas' in a pod (instead of goofballs). the ceremony was very intimate.. only about 10 people. and the reception had maybe 35 or so which made documenting the event feel more like attending a family member's celebration. and there is nothing wrong with that!
in fact, I loved shooting their wedding so much that I finished all of their photos within 48 hours. this proves that 1. I do not sleep and / or 2. I have no life and / or 3. I had nothing else to do since my husband has been drafting for one of his fantasy football leagues for hours now.
I think it is a bit of all of the above.

in other news...
...I cannot wait for Monday. for once.
...ocho cinco - I think I like him now.


Piacere = at pleasure

eating fancy food is one of my most favorite things to do. so when I decided to visit a restaurant client last week I was elated with the dinner options. everything was... fancy pants. both my husbands' gnocchi and my chicken were amazing and the chef paid me a visit with some dessert in hand. everything was uber yummy and I highly recommend you visit the restaurant when in the mood for some fancy food.
pen in hand?... Piacere in downtown San Carlos. there is a farmers market every Thursday and the chef will cook you dinner with your market findings! cute place with a lively bar scene accompanied by a quaint and quieter dining area. you will be pleased.

tomorrow morning I am headed off to San Francisco for another wedding... this time at City Hall. usually there is a struggle with time - there isn't enough of it! but I believe we will have the opposite issue tomorrow. there seems to be quite a number of hours allocated to taking pictures and changing locations - which is awesome! but it will turn in to a long tiresome day very quickly.
note to self: stock up on Lara Bars. it's the new miracle food.

in other news...
...CNN reported today how odd it is that people are just standing around watching Ted Kennedy's car drive alone down the highway.
...I would like to report today how odd it is that CNN watched Ted Kennedy's car drive alone down the highway.
Inglourious Basterds. in theatres now.


heads will roll and fall asleep on my pillow

it feels like a flu. minus fever and cough. or maybe it's something else. I slept almost all weekend. forcing myself to clean yesterday morning... my back and the couch were like magnets I struggled to keep apart. I finally gave in to the bed around 2pm and stayed there for hours. zero motivation to move.
bring on Monday.
Pink Umbrella Productions had their screening in the 48hr Film Project in downtown San Jose last Thursday. it was a tart experience this time around. we pulled the 'Holiday' genre which I wonder... is it really a genre?? 48 hours of brainstorming, writing, shooting, frustrating, irritating, driving, editing, creating, rewriting, and fixing later and I give you, Solvent.
we all have our fingers crossed on being nominated for best music... or cinematography but, that is about it. come back for more info at a later date.
in the still frames world, I have two shoots coming up.. a wedding in San Francisco on Friday quickly followed up by additional photos on Saturday. and a family shoot on Sunday with the cutest little 1 year old! she has got the sweetest little cheeks ever and I cannot wait to slap my shutter at her : )
in other news...
...my best friend is engaged! say hello to her maid of honor!
...District 9 has kept my mind for over a week. please return it so that I can move on with my life!!!
...grappa is, as of right now, my least favorite alcoholic drink. ever.
...clear puffy sleeves are in... only one day a year. October 31st. but if you're uber awesome? any day of the week.


clappity clap clap

round of applause from myself, for myself. for being awake right now. being at work deserves another self applaud.
I made myself a victim of my own calendar again. too many events within 3 days that pull me in different directions. from a street dance event with family Friday night, to a 15 hour photo gig on Saturday, to actor auditions and dinner party on Sunday....
I am pooped.
this week is going to be a fight between photo work, and working out - which do I want to do after a 9 hour day at a desk job? I have 4 days to figure that out before jumping in to....
drum roll please....
another 48hr Film Project!
that's right friends (or should I say strangers that read this since hardly any friends do) the Pink Umbrella Productions crew will be pulling from a hat again Friday evening and working feverishly for 48 hours to complete a short film. it will be a weekend + hours of work - hours of sleep. stock up on zzzzz's now.
in other news...
...getting hit on by three different drunk men in one night is not a compliment.
...is a clean shirt that has yellow armpit stains really clean?
...for TrueBlood fans everywhere: Jason Stackhouse grew a brain cell.


are all afghans from afghanistan?

top reasons to not leave the expensive new camera in the living room while not in use:

1. my dad might come over and throw a ball that will hit it and break it in half (like he did to my 1st dance trophy when I was a kid)

2. a friend might be holding a bag with a pipe in it that will cut a hole in to the bag and plop out and break the viewfinder (like what happened last weekend to a good bottle of wine on the wine rack)

3. another friend might just lean up next to it and accidentally push it over and break it (like what happened with my most favorite wine glass from a winery during a dinner party)

top reasons to leave the expensive new camera in the living room while not in use:

1. the gardener across the street might back his truck in to my vehicle and drive away instead of stopping (like what happened to my dad when I was a kid and since we had a baseball bat handy instead of a camera he jogged shoeless and shirtless down the street with a bat in his hand. with no successful ending.)

2. a chance to possibly catch that drunk guy - who walks his scarey looking pit bull every early evening - doing something illegal.

3. if those 3 wild parrots roaming the neighborhood land on my lawn, I got 'em.

4. my dog, my afghan, and good lighting.


an apple a day is less than a chocolate chip a day

today is unlike any other day. it is a day that will never happen again. Monday. August. the 3rd. year 2009.
maybe if I look at it that way, it will get better.
months ago my husband vowed to lose some weight. it was difficult for him to get in to the cardio habit again so in order to help motivate him I pointed out he is turning 30 this year... and he should work toward that.
well, he has been doing amazing. while I sit and let my brain (and bags of chocolate chips) get the best of me. so that's it. I am drawing the line... with ink instead of pencil this time. mark the calendar because today, the day like no other, is the day I give up pessimism and chocolate chips.
wedding news!
Lisa and Matt's wedding this past weekend was so cute and intimate. there was a lot of hustle and bustle to get everything ready in time, but the weather and the people were just lovely and everything turned out perfect : ) they seem like such the ambitious couple that is more than ready to embrace married life... and I can't wait to share my photos with them...
as soon as I finish working on the 600+ photos that I took - yikes!
in other news...
...forgetting that chocolate chips exist would be easier if apples were more amazing
...I think I like helping other people exercise more than I like helping myself
...someone told me recently I look very similar to their baby..... "she's got such a chubby face!". oh. ok.