Piacere = at pleasure

eating fancy food is one of my most favorite things to do. so when I decided to visit a restaurant client last week I was elated with the dinner options. everything was... fancy pants. both my husbands' gnocchi and my chicken were amazing and the chef paid me a visit with some dessert in hand. everything was uber yummy and I highly recommend you visit the restaurant when in the mood for some fancy food.
pen in hand?... Piacere in downtown San Carlos. there is a farmers market every Thursday and the chef will cook you dinner with your market findings! cute place with a lively bar scene accompanied by a quaint and quieter dining area. you will be pleased.

tomorrow morning I am headed off to San Francisco for another wedding... this time at City Hall. usually there is a struggle with time - there isn't enough of it! but I believe we will have the opposite issue tomorrow. there seems to be quite a number of hours allocated to taking pictures and changing locations - which is awesome! but it will turn in to a long tiresome day very quickly.
note to self: stock up on Lara Bars. it's the new miracle food.

in other news...
...CNN reported today how odd it is that people are just standing around watching Ted Kennedy's car drive alone down the highway.
...I would like to report today how odd it is that CNN watched Ted Kennedy's car drive alone down the highway.
Inglourious Basterds. in theatres now.

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