an apple a day is less than a chocolate chip a day

today is unlike any other day. it is a day that will never happen again. Monday. August. the 3rd. year 2009.
maybe if I look at it that way, it will get better.
months ago my husband vowed to lose some weight. it was difficult for him to get in to the cardio habit again so in order to help motivate him I pointed out he is turning 30 this year... and he should work toward that.
well, he has been doing amazing. while I sit and let my brain (and bags of chocolate chips) get the best of me. so that's it. I am drawing the line... with ink instead of pencil this time. mark the calendar because today, the day like no other, is the day I give up pessimism and chocolate chips.
wedding news!
Lisa and Matt's wedding this past weekend was so cute and intimate. there was a lot of hustle and bustle to get everything ready in time, but the weather and the people were just lovely and everything turned out perfect : ) they seem like such the ambitious couple that is more than ready to embrace married life... and I can't wait to share my photos with them...
as soon as I finish working on the 600+ photos that I took - yikes!
in other news...
...forgetting that chocolate chips exist would be easier if apples were more amazing
...I think I like helping other people exercise more than I like helping myself
...someone told me recently I look very similar to their baby..... "she's got such a chubby face!". oh. ok.

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