clappity clap clap

round of applause from myself, for myself. for being awake right now. being at work deserves another self applaud.
I made myself a victim of my own calendar again. too many events within 3 days that pull me in different directions. from a street dance event with family Friday night, to a 15 hour photo gig on Saturday, to actor auditions and dinner party on Sunday....
I am pooped.
this week is going to be a fight between photo work, and working out - which do I want to do after a 9 hour day at a desk job? I have 4 days to figure that out before jumping in to....
drum roll please....
another 48hr Film Project!
that's right friends (or should I say strangers that read this since hardly any friends do) the Pink Umbrella Productions crew will be pulling from a hat again Friday evening and working feverishly for 48 hours to complete a short film. it will be a weekend + hours of work - hours of sleep. stock up on zzzzz's now.
in other news...
...getting hit on by three different drunk men in one night is not a compliment.
...is a clean shirt that has yellow armpit stains really clean?
...for TrueBlood fans everywhere: Jason Stackhouse grew a brain cell.

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