heads will roll and fall asleep on my pillow

it feels like a flu. minus fever and cough. or maybe it's something else. I slept almost all weekend. forcing myself to clean yesterday morning... my back and the couch were like magnets I struggled to keep apart. I finally gave in to the bed around 2pm and stayed there for hours. zero motivation to move.
bring on Monday.
Pink Umbrella Productions had their screening in the 48hr Film Project in downtown San Jose last Thursday. it was a tart experience this time around. we pulled the 'Holiday' genre which I wonder... is it really a genre?? 48 hours of brainstorming, writing, shooting, frustrating, irritating, driving, editing, creating, rewriting, and fixing later and I give you, Solvent.
we all have our fingers crossed on being nominated for best music... or cinematography but, that is about it. come back for more info at a later date.
in the still frames world, I have two shoots coming up.. a wedding in San Francisco on Friday quickly followed up by additional photos on Saturday. and a family shoot on Sunday with the cutest little 1 year old! she has got the sweetest little cheeks ever and I cannot wait to slap my shutter at her : )
in other news...
...my best friend is engaged! say hello to her maid of honor!
...District 9 has kept my mind for over a week. please return it so that I can move on with my life!!!
...grappa is, as of right now, my least favorite alcoholic drink. ever.
...clear puffy sleeves are in... only one day a year. October 31st. but if you're uber awesome? any day of the week.

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