Ray & Trinity

my eyes are burning today. if I swam with my eyes open in a pool full of Visine, would that fix the problem? if so, I imagine it would create others. I'll stick to the eye dropper for now.

this past Friday I paid San Francisco a visit with camera in tow. Ray and Trinity were getting married in City Hall followed by a reception at the B of A building (52nd floor!). while waiting for the ceremony at City Hall to begin, I had some free time to loiter in front of the Mayor's office but alas, no Gavin sighting. maybe next time.

I had so much fun taking their photos - they are just two 'goofpeas' in a pod (instead of goofballs). the ceremony was very intimate.. only about 10 people. and the reception had maybe 35 or so which made documenting the event feel more like attending a family member's celebration. and there is nothing wrong with that!
in fact, I loved shooting their wedding so much that I finished all of their photos within 48 hours. this proves that 1. I do not sleep and / or 2. I have no life and / or 3. I had nothing else to do since my husband has been drafting for one of his fantasy football leagues for hours now.
I think it is a bit of all of the above.

in other news...
...I cannot wait for Monday. for once.
...ocho cinco - I think I like him now.

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