hip hip

when was the last time YOU got home past 2am on a work night?
despite my dehydrated brain and eye bags, I can proudly state 'yesterday'.
again, I forgot the essential ear plugs for a punk concert but, what's another couple hours of noise blasting to my drums eh? after some test shots of my Nick-muse in the dark corners we were able to adjust some settings to my liking and wham-bam I am happy.
photos posted shortly.

tomorrow brings on the bare belly... and I cannot wait! for weeks now I have been crossing my fingers for some sun on March 7th... please please please, just a moment of sun. after going through spells of hail and downpour and gusty winds I thought for sure the luck in the crossing of my fingers had departed forever but hold the phone like you just don't care - the sun is out with no rain in the air! HOO HAA
in other news...
...two cheers for successfully arriving at my San Francisco destination and achieving free celebrity street parking!
...hip hip
...if applied to my stomach, my back, and my forehead, will deodorant stop my profuse sweating during a workout? need to test this one.
...where have all my workout pants gone? I think they are hiding from my butt... as my socks are from my feet.
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