what if what?

what a strange time this is. this last week has been a small roller coaster ride. I was not looking forward to working on the Live Band photos I took last week for fear I would be disappointed with them once I viewed the finer details. I loaded them prior to running off to my Expecting Parents shoot... risking being entirely unmotivated and melancholy afterward but, they turned out ok.
then other thoughts took over.
what am I doing?
I should cancel the shoot.
this is going to be awkward.
I think I am socially retarded.
what if I get lost and am late and they think I don't want to do it?
what if the lighting is too harsh?
what if my battery dies even though I made sure it was charged?
what if
what if
what if

what if I go and they are awesome people that seem to really like me and I really like them and the lighting is perfect and I am really happy with the results?

in other news...
...new diet alert: chocolate chocolate chocolate. it is not working yet.
...spending time with a loved one in front of the tv is not spending time with a loved one.
...despite the sun, jacket still required.

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