planner planning plans

nothing beats the excitement that plans bring.

last week I determined the name. this week? the logo is my task to tackle. call me a slow mover. I am going to do this right the first and only time.

in addition to those plans... I am hosting a dinner that is just around the corner. serving the lovely Honeycomb Rigatoni and an exciting new appetizer that I have yet to choose. we are talking Martha Stewart magazine dinner presentation! featuring sangrias, flower pots, two elated dogs jumping in the yard, spring candles, sunshine... all followed by a home cooked meal.
getcho pawpcorn ready! or dinner attire I guess.

and again, in addition to those plans... Napa awaits me. finally. trip after trip I have added more wineries and restaurants to my list to visit because I ran out of time and stomach space for them the first time around. well, here I come Hess and Silver Oak and Martini House and there's nothing you can do about it... except maybe relocate or close that day.

in other news...
...Iron Chef America anyone? I shook the hand of the man who beat Bobby Flay with the secret ingredient... CABBAGE!
...what do I hate more than spending money on lunch every day because I didn't pack my own? packing one and then forgetting it on the table at home where it will go bad by the time I get back.
...if Biggest Loser contestants can run a half marathon, surely I can. right?
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