lots of lots

my nerves are as frayed at the ends as the hairs on my head.
summer has officially exploded. the next time I have available to breathe isn't until... Saturday August 22nd. if my lungs were larger this might be a little easier.
while I am really excited about all the opportunities that have presented themselves to me, the weather is very overwhelming with a slight chance of panic attack and sudden weight loss. good thing I have spent the past couple months beefing up my beef.

inhale, exhale. and repeat.

on top of that, my husband is turning 30 in October and we are going to Vegas baby! I am looking forward to winning another $5 on slots so I can buy myself half of a margarita.

until then, I will be spending my time mulling over past shoots and areas that need improvement... feel free to offer me your thoughts!

in other news...

...my house is a mess and is scheduled to remain that way until November 2009

..."cumulative" should not be abbreviated to "cum."

...if this photography thing doesn't work out, my next dream is to be in a rap video.

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