fighting karma

today, I am tired. tired of things, and just plain tired.
I participated in my first duathlon this past weekend and it was more difficult than I thought it would be. the feeling of finishing without stopping though, was a great one. I was pleased with myself despite the fact my friend, who hasn't run in weeks, beat me by several minutes. I have learned to not care about that. But I do care about one thing... and because this is my blog, I'm just going to say it.
Don't say you'll run with me, if you won't.

I might as well be on a roll here since, as stated previously, this is my blog.
something happened this past weekend that just makes me really, sad. it made me feel invisible when I didn't want to feel invisible. there are times when I prefer to be forgotten. when I don't want to be talked to. when I want to be left alone and when exerting a social persona is just not on my to-do list. but then there are times when being forgotten, especially by someone who should always remember you, is sad. and I don't mean sad as in .. pathetic. I mean sad as in, I suddently realized where I stood amongst things... and it was lower than I thought.
my head hangs low and my tail is between my legs. maybe this is karma.
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