thank goodness

sometimes life seems rough.
but then I read about a woman being attacked by a chimpanzee and losing her eyes, I hear how close my friend was to death in Afghanistan, I attend my friend's aunt's funeral, and I hear about another friend's coworker who got in a road cycling accident and is now in a coma.
and I realize I'm ok. and I need to be more thankful for my life, my loved ones, my liked ones, the air I breathe, the surroundings I see and the feelings I feel.
so I guess it's appropriate timing for Thanksgiving to roll around.
on that note, it has been a busy Thanksgiving month. two very important engagement sessions followed by a family and a wedding... both of which have yet to arrive. throw in some inquiries and friendly surprises and wow... I am very thankful.
in addition, I am almost done with a personal project of mine. one which no one took any guesses at in a blog I posted previously (thus, no free hugs were handed out). today is the one month 'due date' I gave myself to try and complete it by but I still have another hour or so to chuck in to it before it is done. still, I am happy with making a scarf in a month and a day.

in other news...
...goodbye queen, hello king. our bed is now an island. I'm pretty sure it made google maps.
...two weeks from now I will be in Tennessee. holy crow.
...what are YOU thankful for? yes, you.

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