my alarm didn't snooze this morning. I was pressing the button with my eyes still sealed shut thinking 'why is this not working. it always works. I don't want to have to open my eyes for this.' but the peaceful CHI GONG alarm sound continued to gooooooong

then Nick woke me up. because apparently me snoozing my alarm was just a dream. while it GOOOOOONGed away at me from my night stand.

what a great way to start a low brain power day. since that moment, I have proceeded to 1) fall hook, line, sinker, and 'batted' to death on deck for a joke; 2) spent 20 minutes shopping for a BOGO 50% off that didn't even apply to what I was debating purchasing (immediately emptied my online BAG once I realized that); and 3) thought my friends and I were gossiping about someone else than who they were really gossiping about.

it is days like these that make me feel my age. I should buy beer later in hopes that I get carded.

speaking of my AGE, I took a trip to Target today during lunch. started in the teen (mossimo) section.. slowly migrating to the middle age (mossimo and merona) section.. then to mature(merona). all of a sudden, 3 young teenage girls run in front of me gossiping loudly until one interrupts proclaiming "GUYS! this is NOT the teen section!".

yes. that is correct. not the cool teen section any longer.

in other news...
...always check yourself out in the mirror before leaving home for work.
...tight white shirts are see-through even when dry.
...I wonder what it would be like to swim in a pool full of Diet Hansen's Tangerine and Lime soda. with ice.
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