on a very necessary personal basis (it is healthy to rant every now and again)…
I called a friendship off a while ago because, it appeared to be a relationship with fine print.
*until you need me for something

and now it has been more than a year.. the entire time me hoping she would contact me because she missed me. apologize. we become uber friends again. attend stellar concerts together. ride our bikes early in the morning when no one else is willing to wake up. and be - simply - incomprehensibly rad.
but apparently that hope is preposterously outrageous and idiotic.
shame on me for even going there.
in other news...
…2 more days to finish baby photos. time to stop procrastinating!
…7 more days to finish American Liver Foundation photos. time to procrastinate some more.
…NFL has begun. which means hiking has begun as well – want to hike on Sunday mornings? contact me.
…too much candy can make your hair and eyeballs hurt.

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