Dearest LauraJean,

in the interest of addressing some questions one of my many, several million beloved fans has asked of me, I am revisiting a few references from my 02.08.2010 post.
(plus, answering questions inflates my ego. and we all know it's big. but I am shooting for ginormous)

so, where exactly was I headed with some of my doodles I found worthy of jotting down in to the ee cummings style notepad-to-go?

friends take other friends out to Santana Row in San Jose for the first time and inform them to dress up so we can pretend we are rich and can afford all the cashmere pillows and silk tube tops the ritzy stores want to keep on our couches and in our closets. upon arriving and taking our first few catwalk-im-too-sexy-and-rich steps down the row, a button falls off from one of our jackets and we all stop and stare as it sadly rolls in circles until stopping on the expensive cement in front of Coach.

derived from same story and location as above. while sauntering around in our normal rich fashion, a friend discovers a pair of socks in her jacket pocket. 2 things: oops. and, why?

in other news...
...never eat anything the size of your face
...does dreaming about exercise COUNT as exercise?
...10k race in 39 hours.

*TWSS = Thats What She Said
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