dusty jay pegs

my email accounts have blown up with messages that I do not have time to sort through, I haven’t actually cooked something to eat in I don’t know how long, my DVR is full of episodes of so many shows that I don’t even know what is actually ON anymore, and where are my gym shorts? probably under the bed. I’ll find them next month.

so I took some time this evening to organize my emails – and I ended up finding some unique and obscure photos that had been sent to me within just the past couple of weeks. take a gander. I find it somewhat amusing – maybe you will too. and if you do not? I do not apologize – it just would not be the Cobra Commander way.

In other news…
…I never realized how crucial the sun is in my life. my cousins recently asked me if I changed my last name to Cullen.
…where are all the padded bicycle seats? my parts need one desperately.
…no more Peeps for a whole year? I guess I will just have to start dipping my own marshmallows in to sugar then. hm.

…a friendly pat to anyone who can guess which photos were taken with an iPhone and which were taken with a BlackBerry.

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