how to...

and time passes...
and I know you must be wondering.. why is the word 'colon' both a body part and a punctuation?
well, that I do not know - BUT, for those wondering what Kathleen has been doing for all these months... you are in luck. I have been learning.

learning how to:
* properly balance a pillow over my ear so that I cannot hear my bed partner snore
* disguise my stink after a 2 hour workout so that I can return to my office minus dirty stares
* prank my coworkers
* dress
* avoid last place in go karting challenges
* snooze an alarm. 8 times in a row
* defy death
* dance in the car while driving in cruise control
* draw dinosaurs
* consume ginormous amounts of caffeine while maintaining a consistent heart rate
* deal with rejection
* day drink
* drunk speed walk
* make long lists of words beginning with the letter 'd'
time to update my resume with all of my new qualifications.
during my blog 'time off' I ALSO had the awesomest pleasure of taking some engagment photos for a close friend of mine. small sneak peek included.
in other news...
...when wearing see-through shorts, be sure to wear bright - and preferrably patterned - underwear
...I am pretty good at making the most annoying sound in the world. unfortunately.
...my dog barking at the sprinklers every other night at 2am has a direct correlation to the speed in which my sleeping pill container empties.
...Romeo, you owe me 30 bucks.
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