what and why

put your hands up in the ayyaar. wave them like you don't caayyyaarre.
ok now smack yourself in the face and get back to work. how dare you waste precious work time doing such shenanigans.
work has been... rough these past couple of months. my brain has been pulled here and there and up and down and this and that and what and why. the work week has been redefined. it now includes long lunches to make up for the late nights as well as a weekly happy hour.
had I known - 3 months ago - that life would be like this right now I probably would not have signed up for back-to-back weekend races. luckily, my legs are as delusional as my mind and allowed me to successfully complete my 2nd duathlon last weekend. the 30 mile Tour de Cure road bike ride that is happening in 3 days however may have a different ending.
at least I raised money for a good cause.
in other news...
...being surrounded by a city of vacant cubicles provides me with ample air space to paint my nails at work
...being surrounded by a city of vacant cubicles is.. sad
...office pranks are the best - and my company's Standards of Business Conduct agrees with me
...is being told I am a Richard-Simmons kind of weird a good thing? HECK YES.
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