Sneak Peek: Isabella & Sugar

do you remember being watched by someone other than your parents when you were a kid? they would have a party to attend, or errands to run, or a yearly anniversary dinner at that same old seafood restaurant to go to... and so you would spend time with the grandparents... remember?
I do.

I also remember the caramel filled milk chocolate bears my Nana would give me when I visited. and the frozen year-old Reese's Peanut Butter cups my Ava would give me (old? yes. good? yes.). oooh and the Peppermints Papa hid... and the butterscotch suckers Avo had.

well I think Isabella's grandparents loaded her up on candy before her photo shoot today -because my trusty Canon did not offer a shutter speed fast enough to capture those sugar-twitching muscles.
when she wasn't jumping on the bed, she was tossing around tree ornaments, and running around wearing her head band like Lt. Commander La Forge from Star Trek.

needless to say, her energy resulted in some pretty cute snaps... and I am so happy her parents invited me back to photograph her for this 4th time now already! oh how time flies...

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