1 cookie 2 cookie 3 cookie no more

it has been a rough week.
scratch that. year. it has been a rough year.

I have decided that a race - of any sort - is my way of dealing with stress. the race itself makes me practically poop in my nice pants.* but the training beforehand is a regimen that allows me to see progress in myself. it helps me feel like I have gotten somewhere - I was at A and now I'm at B. it is the only thing that does this for me.
training - in my head - is my employment.

if only it did not prevent me from enjoying a glass of wine - or four - on a Friday night. stupid Saturday morning bicycle rides. however it does encourage me to consume a whole lot of cookies.

in other news...
...I have renamed burpees, barfees.
...my dad turns old tomorrow. at least this time he is not dragging mom and I to Sizzler.
...hello Autumn. I can barely see you there.
...3 cookies might be enough. I had my hopes up for so much more.

* yes, that is true. and they are Citizens of Humanity.
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