my hardest button to button

for the first time ever, my pants are too tight and I do not care. not one bit.
ok - maybe half of a bit - but not a whole one.

the truth is, all of the miles I have put on my bike over the past few months have put some width on to my legs. making several pairs of pants snugger than usual. it looks like I will be sporting my shorts longer than I normally do until my legs dwindle down to their normal straight-toothpick style again.

speaking of style, after squeezing in to today's pantalones, I put boots on for the first time since February. at first I was worried it may be too early to sport these things but then remembered: I do not care what anyone thinks, smiled, and continued to tie them. it is nice to be shameless - at least for some things.

in other news...
...a friend of mine recently spelled 'whore', 'hoar'. sigh. at least spell a word like facetious wrong.
...5 more days until I sit on my bike seat for 122 miles. my butt just cramped.
...rushed in to the office today and realized no one else was here. what a waste of perfectly clean work attire.
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