I bought a running hat the other day. it makes me feel really special. even when I don't wear it - just the fact that I own one is excellent, party time. it just screams RUNNER despite how much I am not.

and when I was daydreaming about my new hat while at work the other day I remembered, I have an iPod. and I have an arm band. break that sucker out along with my new nike swish sweat-wicker sun-blocker and we're talking a possible couple of seconds taken off of my running time simply due to my stylish outfit points.

first things first in this trek to increase speed by way of expensive accessories: I need new tunes. I've had the same Madonna, Decemberists, and Radiohead voices yelling at my brain since back when treadmills were my friends and my guns were so big they had their own shadows. so I hit the PC and set out to download some new inspirations to rock my body.

15 downloaded hip songs later and Nick walks in on me dancing to Fergie talking about her fitness, so delicious, fergilicious.

unless I plan on dancing in my running hat in the middle of my trail, this may not be a good idea afterall.
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